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Members of 2610 Cadet Corp with Defence Minister MacKay & Cadet Captain Gary Scrivens
Art Project coordinator Julie Adamson Miller, Norma McLeod, Chris Wood, look on as Glen Boutilier places stones
Artist Anne Keddy with her Fish Mosaic
Artist ChrisWood with her Mermaid Pebble Mosaic
Artist Sarah Sheffield with her School of Fish Pebble Mosaic
Artists Jeannette Oickle, Kate Giffin with their Mosaic art
Artists Sandy Moser, Jeannette Oickle, Chris Wood, Sarah Shefffield, Kate Giffin, Anne Keddy
Chris Wood, Norma McLeod, Kay Boutilier, placing-stones.
George Giffin, Verdie Farris, Robert Moser move one of the finished Mosaic pieces.
Howard Henley, Mark Krause, Verdie Farris, Robert Moser guide one of the mosaic pieces into place
Robert Moser, George Giffin, George Child, Art Project coordinator Julie Adamson Miller take a break from shoveling concrete into the Pebble Mosaics
Robert Moser, Howard Henley, Verdie Farris guide one of the mosaic pieces into place
Sandy Moser with her Bald Eagle Mosaic
2610 Army Cadet Captian Gary-Scrivens, Defence Minister Peter MacKay
Art MacKenzie, Terry Rutledge, Wayne Fleet, Defence Minister Peter MacKay, Charles Edwards, Lennie Fleet, Wayne Henley, Everette Hartling, Al Dowe, Carl Westhaver, Donald Lowe
Courcelette Branch 58-Royal Canadian Legion Members with Defence Minister Peter MacKay
Defence Minister Peter MacKay, Mr. and Mrs. Charles-Edwards
Lennie and Wayne Fleet, Retired RCMP Officer Gary Fleet, Defence Minister Peter MAcKay, Sheet Harbour Legion President Vance Thompson
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