Sheet Harbour Port News 2014


A ship sailed into Sheet Harbour this week using some of the same energy that will power its cargo. The E-Ship 1 owned by Enercon used wind power to travel across the Atlantic and haul turbine components from Europe to the small Eastern Shore port, the Halifax Port Authority announced.

Instead of sails, the vessel features four tall columns — two near the back of the ship and two near the front — containing Flettner-rotor motors to harness wind energy. “It is amazing to see,” Austen Hughes, vice-president of operations for renewable energy company Natural Forces Technologies Inc., said Wednesday.

“They have some fairly unique wind-powered technology that can actually cut the diesel required to run the ship.” The ship is 130.4 metres long and 22.5 metres wide and carries a crew of up to 15 people.

In a news release announcing the visit, Enercon said the use of wind energy has reduced diesel consumption — the vessel has seven diesel generators and two electric propeller motors — by about 30 per cent.

The ship, which made its inaugural visit to Sheet Harbour on Monday, first set sail in 2010 and was built to ship turbine components also made by Enercon. On Monday, it delivered nine turbine blades, each with a rotor diameter of 92 metres, Hughes said.

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